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The History

Storia Hotel touring Predazzo

The Past:

In 1960 Mr Nicolò Felicetti started managing the then Hotel Italia, after having attended the hotel-school in Tesero and having gained some work-experience abroad . The hotel was bought in 1936 by his grandfather Valentino Felicetti.By means of a first renovation, Hotel Italia turned into Hotel Touring and the hotel-business got principally based on summer season tourism. In 1964Nicolò married Ester Dellantonio. Over the following years the sons Sergio and Gianpietro, and the daughters Maria Manuela, Nicoletta and Daniela came into the world. The substantial growth of winter tourism gave a new, important boost the local accommodation-business, to such an extent that in 1980 Hotel Touring was renovated from top to bottom and equipped with the most up-dated comforts. The hotel could then boast a capacity of 74 bed-spaces. The Touring is still a family-run hotel: besides Nicolò, the hotel-director, and Ester, the cooking supervisor, also their sons and daughters play an active part in the family business. Thesons’ involvementin the hotel-running is a source of great satisfaction to Nicolò and Ester, as they see an actual continuity of the work of a lifetime and a quite rosy future as concerns the tourist-trade development in Predazzo.

The Present:

Family Felicetti is still running Hotel Touring with full enthusiasm and commitment, as well as Mezzaluna Ice-Cream Shop which is located at a distance of 200 m from the hotel, right in front of Predazzo Church.

Our Staff:

Hotel Touring can boast a professional, experienced staff, able to meet all guest’s needs and requirements. Most of our collaborators come from Predazzo and have worked with us for many years, getting great gratification from their job; thanks to their help our hotel-businesswill steadily progress and improve its standard.

La famiglia Felicetti